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Transmission Lines and Substations of Grand POUBARA Project Phase I 160 MW





Completion date


Work scope:

  • A single-circuit transmission line of 225 kV for about 45km, connecting the evacuation substation for energy produced in Grand Poubara to the destination substation in Moanda;

  • A second single-circuit transmission line of 63 kV for about 21 km, connecting the Grand Poubara evacuation substation to the high-voltage substation in Franceville;

  • Two new substations of 225kV/63 kV at Grand Poubara and Moanda;

  • Extension of the 63 kV substation at Franceville for arrivals from Grand Poubara.


  • Basic Design & Technical specifications of equipments

  • Construction Design

  • As-built drawings

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