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OTEC Engineering, founded in 2002, started its business from providing engineering & design services mainly in fields of Renewable Energy & Water. OTEC is a member of China Association of International Engineering Consultants (CAIEC).

Now, OTEC is a Project Developer & Solutions Provider in sectors of Hydropower and Solar Power, Transmission & Substations, Micro-grid & Off-grid, Water &  Environmental project, etc.


Dr. Fan Shaobo, the founder & CEO of OTEC, has 30 years experiences in Africa, Europe, China and some other Asian & Latin American countries. With internationalized & localized employees, rich cross-cultural knowledge & experiences, and worldwide good connections, OTEC focuses on being a bridge among Africa, China and Europe. 

The services offered by
OTEC Engineering include:


  • Project Development & Investment

  • All Phases Technical Solutions & Consultancy

  • Financial Advisory

  • Project Management & Supervision

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