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Hydropower Project of Coca Codo Sinclair - 1500MW


1500 MW



Completion date


Work scope:

  • Intake complex including water retaining dam built in the existing river channel, spillway at the left-bank, water intake structure and sedimentation basin;

  • A Headrace Tunnel which conveys the water from the intake complex to the compensating reservoir, and excavated by two DS-TBMs, with a total length of 24830m and the internal diameter of 8.2m;

  • A compensating reservoir with the total storage capacity of 1,360,000 m3, and  also consists of a water retaining dam of 58m high and 135m long;

  • Two parallel underground penstocks which convey the water from the compensating reservoir to the powerhouse;

  • An underground Powerhouse which consists of an excavated cavern equipped with eight 187.5 MW Pelton turbine-generator units;

  • An underground Transformers hall equipped with 8 monophasic transformers;

  • 500kV GIS switchyard with a high voltage transmission line of 500kV;

  • A two-way double-cable cableway system with double-car with 12 seats in each cabins.


  • Design review;

  • Assistance in the management and planning process of the design document production by the Designer;

  • Specific technical assistance to solve particular design issues;

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