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Hydropower Project of Soubre - 275MW


275 MW


Ivory Coast

Completion date


Main scope:

  • The water retaining structure composed of the mixed type main dam and earth-rockfill saddle dam with a total length of 5.1km;

  • A spillway equipped with six radial gates, with a maximum discharge capacity of 5500m3/s;

  • Three concrete water intake towers inserted in the dam;

  • A headrace channel with a total length of around 900m;

  • Three external penstocks, with a diameter of 8m, and unit length of 95m;

  • A surface powerhouse equipped with three 90 MW Francis-type turbine generator units;

  • A tailrace channel with a length of around 2m;

  • A mini-power plant equipped with a Bulb unit of 5.30MW;

  • Four 225kV interconnection stations;

  • Eight single and double circuit high voltage transmission lines of 225kV with a total length of 350 km and one medium-voltage distribution line at 33kV.


  • Alternative Studies for the preparation of technical proposal;

  • Technical and commercial support for contract negotiations;

  • Review and advice to the Basic and Construction design;

  • Technical assistance to the approval process of equipment characteristics, fabrication, inspection and O&M manuals

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