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Pampa Sul Thermal Power Plant Project





Completion date


Main scope: 

  • 1 CFB boiler; 

  • 1 steam turbine and electric generator; 

  • 1 ESP combined with fabric filter; 

  • 1 regenerative air heater; 

  • 1 wet FGD with limestone for final polishing; 

  • 1 coal storage park; 

  • Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control systems;

  • Civil works of the power plant



  • Technical project management;

  • Manufacturing Design Supervision 

  • Quality assurance and quality control of the manufacturing activities 

  • Testing supervision 

  • Technical coordination between the Client, the Designer, the Manufacturers and the Contractor 

  • Quality assurance and supervision of the equipment installation 

  • Advice on necessary corrective actions and alert on specific decisions/actions to be taken by the Client

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