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The OTEC built-in hydraulic pressure cylinder displacement sensor is a high-tech patent product developed by OTEC Engineering.

The OTEC displacement sensor is a product with reasonable design and simple structure, which converts the measured displacement into digital signal through encoder to achieve an automatic and intelligent as well as digital control of the hydraulic system.

The product is fully enclosed in the hydraulic cylinder and the whole system can be assembled and tested/calibrated in factory, which eliminates the need for on-site installation and provides a synchronous control of two or more hydraulic cylinders reliably.

The product has been used in the world-renowned Three Gorges Project five-stage ship locks and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project (middle line), and is highly evaluated by users.

This product can be widely employed in:

  • Hydroelectric engineering: various gates for hydroelectric projects;

  • Port engineering: various ship locks and port trans-shipment platforms;

  • Industrial manufacturing: hydraulic jacking systems for smelters, aircrafts, ships, weapons and equipment;

  • Large hydraulic machinery: various lifting platform, modern stage hydraulic lifting systems.

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