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Roquette (China) Chemical Complex Plant Project - China





Completion date


Work scope: 

  • 2 process buildings, in steel structure and concrete framework, 3094 m2, 

  • 1 tank area, with a workshop extension of 300m2 and a platform of 2600m2, both in steel structure; 

  • 1 cooling unit, 380m2, with a tank of 560m3; 

  • 1 aeration tank, oval shaped, 75.5m x 29m x 6.5m, with a surface of 2080m2 and an effective volume of 12400m3; 

  • 3 warehouses of 6378 m2; 

  • Extension of 7 warehouses 9598m2; 

  • 2 Office building of 3120m2; 

  • 1 starch production workshop of 1650m2, 41.2 meters high; 

  • 1 guardhouse of 145m2; 

  • Central lockers and sanitary room, 596m2; 

  • Truss and pipe racks, 5000 tons. 


  • Construction Design 

  • Technical assistance to the approval process 

  • Technical assistance at site (Resident engineers) As-built drawings

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