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Conakry 4th Drinking Water Supply Project - Phase I - Badi Baki River


150000 m3/d



Completion date


Main scope: 

  • A water intake station with the capacity of 165 000 m3 per /day; 

  • A water treatment plant in Gbonko with a capacity of 150 000 m3 per day; 

  • A water pipeline in ductile iron of 17 km from the river to the Gbonko Water treatment plant; 

  • Three reservoirs located in Port-sec, Kagbèlèn and Gomboyah, each with a capacity of 10, 000 m3; 

  • Ductile iron treated water pipelines for about 60km connecting the reservoirs and the treatment plants; 

  • A pumping station with a capacity of 138,000 m3 per/ day at Port-Sec; 

  • Administrative building and accommodation for operators at the Gbonko water treatment plant; 

  • Rehabilitation of the access road from RN3 to the water intake station with a length of 31km. 


  • Feasibility Studies.

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