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Hydropower Project of Dogo bis - 128MW


128 MW



Completion date


Work scope:

  • A mixed type dam (gravity dam at center connected with earth-rockfill dam at the sides) of 3.1km long and a maximum height of 64m;

  • A spillway equipped with 6 radial gates of 13m wide and 15m high;

  • A water intake structure integrated into the dam and a Penstock with DN of 6m and about 60 m long;

  • A powerhouse, equipped with 4 vertical Francis turbine-generator, unit power of 32 MW;

  • A 161kV single-circuit transmission line of 69km, and a connection substation to the existing network planned at the end of the new line;


  • Feasibility studies;

  • Assistance to the meeting between the Contractor and the Employer.

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