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Kariba South Extension Project - 300MW


300 MW



Completion date


Main scope:

  • A new power intake located at the reservoir area, 150m upstream from the existing power intake;

  • Two headrace tunnels, each connecting with one penstock and one turbine generator unit;

  • An underground powerhouse with two turbine-generators of 150MW each;

  • A tailrace surge chamber of tube structure with a diameter of 24.0m and 60m high;

  • The busbar shaft with the total height of 159.50m;

  • A 300m long tailrace tunnel;

  • Extension works of the existing 330kV switchyard.


  • Review of the technical specifications of the contract documents;

  • Design review;

  • Technical assistance to the approval process of equipment characteristics, fabrication, inspection and O&M manuals;

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