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Hydropower Project of Grand POUBARA - Phase 2 - 120MW


120 MW



Completion date


Work scope:

  • Heightening the dam of Grand Poubara from El.411 to El. 450 reaching a maximum height of 67m;

  • A 4-passes gated spillway, with gates of 7m high and 7.5m wide;

  • Heightening of the water intake of Phase 1 with the upper floor at height 450m;

  • A new water intake tower (15 m x 20 m x 54 m (H)) for Phase 2 with 3 passes;

  • Conveyance tunnel with a length of 5.3km and a diameter of 5.6m;

  • A surge tank of 105m high;

  • Penstock with a length of 350m and a diameter of 5.6m;

  • A powerhouse with three vertical Francis units and a total capacity of 120MW;

  • A tailrace channel;

  • A 225kV Grand Poubara Phase 2 switchyard;

  • A 225kV transmission lines schemes studies


  • Feasibility studies;

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