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Lom Pangar Dam Project





Completion date


Work scope:

  • A mixed type dam (gravity dam at center connected with earth-rockfill dam at the sides), with a maximum height of 46 m and total length of 1350m;

  • A main gated spillway comprising 4 passes of 8.75 m wide, equipped with segment valves;

  • An emergency spillway consisting of an 11 m wide pass fitted with a fusible link;

  • Flow regulation structures equipped with three bottom outlets, including environmental flow;

  • The water intake structure and four 2.5 m diameter penstocks encased in concrete;

  • All of the hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment for the dam and water intake.


  • Specific technical assistance to solve particular design and construction issues;

  • External communications with the Owner and the Engineer for technical and construction issues;

  • Technical assistance to the approval process of equipment characteristics, fabrication, inspection, installation, commissioning and O&M manuals for hydro-mechanical;

  • Technical support for the claim of the whole project;

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