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Hydropower Project of Rufiji - 2115MW


2115 MW



Completion date


Work scope:

  • An RCC gravity arc dam of 1050m long, and 131m high;

  • 4 earth-rockfill saddle dams on the right bank, with height ranging from 22.5m to 5m and the total length of 16.7km;

  • One crest spillway with 7 passes of 15m wide and 20.5m high controlled by radial gates;

  • Two middle-level outlets of 5m x 6m on both sides of the crest spillway, controlled by radial gates;

  • An intake structure of 102m wide and three openings;

  • 3 Headrace tunnels with the diameter of 11m and the average length of 450m;

  • 3 surge tanks of 64m high and 22m in diameter;

  • 9 penstocks with the diameter of 6.35m and the average length of 160m,

  • A Surface powerhouse with 9 vertical Francis units of 235MW each;

  • A 400kV Switchyard;


  • Evaluation of the Client’s contractual and technical specified requirements under the Main Contract & Sub-Contract;

  • Basic design review;

  • Assistance to the meeting between the Contractor and the Employer.

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